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Daily Dose Episode 21 (Faith Edition)


Palm Sunday by Rick White, President 180BIZ

Today is Palm Sunday and as a Christian, this is a very, very special day for us. This is where Jesus came into Jerusalem as a conqueror, as a King. This is when they were putting the palms and cloaks down in front of him.  I think there's a lesson here.  He realized what was going on. He knew what was going to happen. I saw the movie a while back with Mel Gibson called The Passion of Christ. That is a movie I watch every year right around this time of year.

Christ comes in as a conqueror, as a Victor into Jerusalem. They think he's going to be the next King. They see big things. They misunderstood the prophecies and thought that he was going to overthrow the Roman government. So how quickly did it turn?

I was driving by one of our churches yesterday. You know how they put the signs up? I love those signs. Some of them are so inventive. Anyway, I saw this sign and it said, “Jesus carried your cross.” And I started...

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Daily Dose Episode 20 (Family Edition)


Family Time by Rick White, President 180BIZ

I’d like to continue my talk from last week about our significant others. Think about the times when your spouse or our significant other was upset.

  1. The first thing you do is personalize it.  We tend to personalize everything and make it about us. We ask, “Why is she mad at me?” That's just what we do. But what happens is we think she is mad at us when she could be mad about something else. We don't even know what it is yet. We just naturally assume that it's because to us, we are the center of our worlds. But I must tell you something. Most of the people we think are watching us are too busy worrying about their world. So, stop personalizing. When you personalize it, you are going to get defensive. But the better reaction is to understand and be there for your significant other.
    The first tip is Don't Personalize when something's going South.

  2. Expect the best. We need to expect the best from each other. You both...
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Daily Dose Episode 19


What If vs. What Is by Rick White, President 180BIZ

Rick also answers questions about SBA Loans at the end of the video.

 I am going to start off by saying Hello and I hoping that you're doing well.  I hope that you're finding things are going okay. If you are settling for what is going on right now, please reach out to me because we have a motto here, “No Shop Left Behind.” So, if you're slowing down and you've slowed down a lot, that’s not okay.  I want you to reach out to me.  

I hope you really took to heart those three magic questions I spoke about in previous episodes. 'm asking you to ask yourself every morning:

  1. What am I grateful for?
  2. Who do I want to be today?
  3. Where can I make a difference? With whom can I make a difference?

It will put you on such a great path that you are going to be in a much better place emotionally.  Believe me, it's will help.

I’ll keep this short today so I can answer some questions at the end. I must...

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Daily Dose Episode 18


Dealing with Overwhelm by Rick White, President 180BIZ

It's really important to understand what people are dealing with at different times.  It’s OVERWHELM. Overwhelm happens regularly, especially in stressful situations. And overwhelm is going to come in two different ways.

  1. You try to make something happen and it just won’t go right.  This causes you to get overwhelm.  Let's deal with this situation first. There's a lot of people right applying for the SBA loans. And the overwhelm comes when they can't get everything they need together. They need financial information from their accountant who is bombarded with requests.  They can’t complete the SBA Loan application until the accountant get’s back to them.  This is overwhelming. Here’s something that may help you to overcome that overwhelming feeling. 
  1. Recognize it. Stand up. Breathe. Put your shoulders back and chin up. Don your SUPERHERO pose. I've talked about that...
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Daily Dose Episode 17


April Fools? by Rick White, President 180BIZ

Today is April Fool's Day and that's what I want to talk a little bit about today. Let's put the pranks on hold this year. What do you think? I think there is enough stress and enough crap that people are dealing with now. It's all this different stuff that we're dealing with on the inside. People don't need to be pranked. I want to make this April FUN Day. What do you think?

Starting today, April FUN Day, be on the lookout for somebody that needs a smile, somebody that needs a kind word, a joke, or that just needs just to get their mind off what they're going through right now. I really feel like today is a great day to step back and get people to laugh. I found a meme this morning and it made me laugh out loud. I almost fell off the sofa this morning. Here’s a shout out to Andrew Minkler of Bavarian Motor Repairs up in Maryland who posted it.  It says, “This quarantine has me realizing why my dog gets so excited about...

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Daily Dose Episode 16


What do stars have to do with it? by Rick White, President 180BIZ

Last night I was taking Lucky, my dog, outside. It was about 10:30 or 11 o'clock. I love in the country and last night the stars were absolutely breathtaking. I have an app on my phone called star walk that helps me find constellations and planets. So, I found Ursa Major last night, the night before I saw Pluto, Saturn and Mars all lined up together. It was awesome. But why am I telling you about this? Because this morning, around 4:30, when I took Lucky out, the sky was overcast with clouds and I found myself thinking there are no stars. A little voice inside of me said, “Yes, there are. You just can't see them.” Just because I can't see something doesn't mean it isn't there.

My message for today is about the power of perspective.  I didn’t see any stars, but I guarantee that the starts were there.  If I could have gotten above the clouds, I would have seen the stars. How much is this...

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Daily Dose Episode 15


The Most Important Question by Rick White, President 180BIZ

I want you to contemplate a question. The question is when this is all over and it will be all over, who do you want to be? How do you want people to talk about who you were through this situation, this pandemic? I think this is an amazing question to ask yourself. You’ll have to ask yourself, what would that person think? First, decide where or who do you want to be? What does that look like?

I want to be known as somebody that really helped people through this. I want to be known as a bright light. That's my goal right now. It’s to help others get through this. This has nothing to do with money and nothing to do with sales. It is strictly to help other people. So now ask yourself a couple of questions.

  • What does that person have to think?
  • What does that person have to believe?
  • What kind of attitudes do they need?
  • What kind of actions will that person take?
  • What kind of words will that person use to build up...
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Daily Dose Episode 14 (Faith Edition)


Faith and Decisions by Rick White, President 180BIZ

In this episode I’ll talk about our faith in different part of our lives, about being able to tap into something bigger and greater than we are. I am not the most religious man. Lord knows I've got a mouth sometimes. I am perfectly imperfect and at the same time I have such faith.  I think that is what's helping me get through everything that I've been through in my life.  It got me through two divorces and a bankruptcy.  When I went through those divorces, I couldn't understand why I would ask God, “Why am I going through this?” Then fast forward 20 years and I'm helping other people stay married. I'm helping other people go through the pain of divorce. I'm helping other people find love. It’s all because I went through that pain.

I think what is really screwing with us right now is that we are all so self-reliant. We have been brought up or taught ourselves that our success is completely on...

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Daily Dose Episode 13 (Family Edition)


Significant Others by Rick White, President 180BIZ

In this episode, I’ll step back and look at the different relationships in our lives and give you some thoughts that can help you, not only improve your business, but improve the rest of your life, as well. Let’s talk about significant others. Now I want to be clear, I am not a psychologist. I am not a therapist, nor do I play one on television. All I'm going to do is share with you what I have learned over my 57 years so far, and what has worked for me. I’ll share observations and things that I'm still working on.  I'm going to be talking from a husband's perspective to a wife.

I love women; they are amazing. They are so much stronger and smarter and more resourceful than men. I'm sorry guys. It's a fact. They spit babies out and we cry when we get a splinter. So, I’ll just leave it at that.

The first thing I want to talk about is taking people for granted. When we first meet the love of our lives, we...

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Daily Dose Episode 12


Jim Rohn's Ant Philosophy! by Rick White, President 180BIZ

Please share this blog and these videos if this is touching you in any way or if this series is touching your you, your life, and making it a little bit better. Please share the video to help somebody else.

I read a very cool thing years ago and it is so applicable today. I don't know if you've ever heard of this gentleman before. His name is Jim Rohn. He is a really great guy. He has impacted the lives of Tony Robbins and Darren Hardy and all these different people that are really major thought leaders today. Jim had this talk that he called the Ant Philosophy.  It basically had four things to it.

  1. Persist Without Exception. No matter what gets in your way, just keep going. I don't care if you have to go through it, over it, under it, or around it. You persist without exception. You get to a point where there is no other option but to go where you're going. And I think that's an amazing thought process to embrace...
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