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Seeking Approval

blog mindset May 14, 2018

I once read a quote that really got me thinking by Andrew Carnegie that said, “Do not look for approval except for the consciousness of doing your best.” This quote dug into my brain like a tick. I mulled it over and over. Over the years, what’s driven me to do the things I did? My answers were revealing and I think they’ll help you too.

  • Acceptance. I was looking for acceptance. I wanted to fit in and belong. I wanted people to like me so I did things that I thought would get them to do just that.
  • Approval. I was looking for approval. I wanted to be validated by others. This is where my self-worth and self-esteem came from.
  • Appreciated. I wanted to be appreciated. I wanted others to recognize the contributions I made. This made me feel valuable.
  • Impress. I wanted to impress people with my knowledge and ability. I wanted to show off what I could do others couldn’t because it made me feel important.
  • Prove. I wanted...
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Resistance is Futile

blog goalsetting May 07, 2018

Some of the truest things are said in movies and shows. In Star Trek: The Next Generation, the Borg famously state, “Resistance is futile”. I’ve been on an intense quest to better understand who I am today and who I want to become. I realize that the bridge between these two points is my ability to set goals, change my habits with ones that better serve me, and to discipline myself to consistently do the work. I’ve seen some successes and I’ve seen some disappointments. Last year I set a goal to lose 100 pounds. By September, I was down 60 pounds and then derailed myself and I’ve gained 40 of it back.

I’ve learned some lessons going through this that I know will help me ultimately succeed, not only on this goal but on any goal that I choose for myself that I’d like to share with you over the coming days. My hope is my lessons will help you to become and achieve whatever dreams you have. The best teacher isn’t...

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Falling Down

blog mindset Apr 30, 2018

Falling down is a given. Feelings of disappointment, lack, inadequacy, and doubt in your life at times are a given. Thoughts of giving up are a given. Tears shed are a given.

Getting up and pushing through those feelings is a choice. And it’s the most powerful choice of all. After all, they’re just feelings. They don’t determine who you or I become unless we let them. The greatest battle you’ll ever have isn’t with a customer or a competitor; it’ll be with yourself.

When you’ve been knocked down, what you do next is the true measure of who you are and who you’ll become. Get up, dust yourself off, clench your jaw, and push forward. Always push forward.

Never give up on your dream. Never give up on yourself. Never give up; period. Do this and you’ll show the world just how AMAZING you are!

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blog mindset Apr 23, 2018

For most people, life has its ups and downs based on the circumstances they’re going through. The quality of life they have is based on what’s happening to them. When they’re going through a low point, they’re blaming others or their circumstances for their current situation. They sit there waiting for their circumstances to improve so they’re life can get better. They’re playing the victim. They’re the passenger in this vehicle called life and circumstance is the driver. Don’t be like most people. Realize that your life can be better than this with one simple mindset change. All you have to do is to accept complete and total responsibility for where you’re at.

You know that where you are now is the result of decisions you’ve made in the past. Taking responsibility isn’t about placing blame because the act of blaming is an exercise in futility. Taking responsibility is all about owning where you’re at which then...

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Your Words

blog mindset Apr 16, 2018

Have you ever stopped and thought about what your expectations are for your life? It’s an exercise worth doing because you’ll most likely find that you’re thinking negatively, expecting little, and feel you’re being abused by people, circumstance, and life in general. The easiest way to find this out is to listen to the words you use. Your words are a HUGE indicator of your mindset. It’s true, everything that goes into your eyes and ears eventually comes out your mouth and hands.

Your expectations create your outlook on life, your outlook creates your attitude, your attitude determines how you see and filter the world around you, which creates your actions, which create your results, which confirm and reinforce your outlook on life. So, your words and actions are both an output of your outlook but they also feed and strengthen your outlook without you even being aware of it.

By listening to the words you use, it’ll give you a real...

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Believe First

blog mindset Apr 09, 2018

There’s so much doubt and frustration today and it’s because people want to see the things they want before they’ll believe they’re capable of achieving them. It doesn’t work that way. The only place achievement comes before belief is in the dictionary.

The fact is you believe in certain things right now. Many times, these beliefs have been built up over time and you aren’t even aware of them. How is that possible? When something happens to you, you naturally look for a cause and effect relationship subconsciously. You may believe that today is going to be a bad day because yesterday was or you believe that people are out to cheat you because someone cheated you once. What you MUST understand is that what you believe is what will be manifested in your life. What you believe is the seed of what will be. Why leave the potential of what your life can be to your subconscious and circumstance? Choose to create the life you want by changing...

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This Day is Your Day

blog mindset Apr 02, 2018

When you open your eyes in the morning, what do you see? Are you like most and see just another morning if you even see it at all? Or do you realize what a gift you’ve been given, twenty-four hours filled with love, adventure, fun, and overflowing with opportunities?

This is possibly the most important question you can ask yourself each and every morning because it’s right here when you open your eyes that you set the limit to the possibilities in your day. What you do first thing in the morning sets the tone and energy level for the rest of your day.

Don’t take today for granted because your life is nothing more than a collection of days. Want a GREAT life? Live GREAT days! Great lives aren’t created in the future, they’re created each and every day. Promise yourself that today you’ll live with intention and not coast through the day on autopilot missing all the amazing gems this day is going to be filled with. If you catch...

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Achieving Success with Outcomes

blog focus Mar 26, 2018

Please don’t judge me but I remember a Spice Girls song called Wannabe that had the following lyrics that I believe are a great lesson, “So tell me what you want, what you really really want”. I think this is a great lesson because you go through your day not being clear on what you really really want. You start the day unclear on your intention. You pick up the phone to talk to a customer unclear on your intention. You speak to an employee unclear on your intention. This is a real problem because if you’re not clear on your desired end result or your outcomes, then achieving success throughout your day is a crapshoot.

The reality is you do have expectations right now, they’re just not thought out and focused on. Right now your expectations have been formed by past experiences and circumstances, and you’re not really aware of them. Think of all the different interactions you have throughout your day that end up with you just...

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The Power of You

blog mindset Mar 19, 2018

Before you can ever have or achieve everything you want in life, you need to have a vehicle that’ll get you there. I’m not talking about your business or your next great idea, I’m talking about you. 

The essence of who you are is actually made up of four beings. You have a physical being, an intellectual being, an emotional being, and a spiritual being. The health and vitality of each of these beings determines how far you get in achieving your dreams. Ignoring any of these beings limits what you’re capable of creating.

You won’t have the strength, focus, determination, or belief in what you want to achieve if you’re not “whole” first. There’s a reason why you put your oxygen mask on first before helping others on a plane. It’s because if you don’t take care of yourself first, you’ll never be able to take care of those around you.

What I see all the time though is what I call Used Car...

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Getting Better

blog sales Mar 12, 2018

If you think back to a time when you experienced a little one walking for the first time, you’ll remember how wobbly they were and how many times they fell down. Yet before you knew it, the little bugger was running around the room like a pro. This is human nature; to learn something new and to master it. It’s all about getting better.

When did this change though? I see business owners and salespeople resist this cycle and settle. People that have been in their selected fields thinking they have twenty years of experience when in fact they have one year of experience repeated nineteen times! How can I say that? Because they’re not getting better. They’re producing the same results as they did before.

If you were given the same test in school ten times, you would do better at it each and every time. Your tenth test would have a much better grade than the first. That’s the way it’s supposed to be. That’s the way it’s supposed to be in...

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