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mindset Apr 24, 2017

The most valuable thing you have isn’t your money, your house, your car, or any other possession you own; it’s time. You can make more money, you can buy another house, and you can replace your car. But you can’t buy or replace time. It is the great equalizer. Someone else may have a bigger house, a nicer car, or a larger bank account but they have the same amount of time as you do each and every day.

The differentiator between the successful and significant few compared to the masses is what they do with their time. Like them, you have a choice every moment of the day to either invest your time or to spend your time. The difference is simple. When you invest time, you get a return on that time. When you spend time, it’s gone forever.

How do you invest your time? When you use your time to pursue a goal, improve yourself and your abilities, or help another, you’re investing your time. You’re sowing seeds that will reap a harvest of success and...

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Why Are Bronze Medal Winners Happier?

mindset Jul 25, 2016

With the upcoming Summer Olympics right around the corner, I was doing some reading on the games and came across a study that surprised me. Psychologists determined by observing numerous contests found that the levels of happiness didn’t match the medal. Of course, the gold medal winner was overjoyed with their hard work resulting in their win. These psychologists found that the bronze medal winner was happier than the silver medalist. That’s right, the person placing third was happier than the person placing second!

How is that possible? After any significant event, you experience what’s called counterfactual thinking. You do this to make sense of the results you achieved as it relates to the world around you. Simply put, you run different “what if” scenarios in your mind that help you imagine how things could have ended differently.

For the gold medal winner, the only what if he can see is not getting the gold, and that’s why he’s happy....

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action May 23, 2016

This past weekend my grandson Brandon schooled me on the power of impact. I took Brandon camping for the first time. The Cub Scout Pack he belongs to planned this past Saturday as a day filled with sports, fun, friends, and fishing culminating with the last Pack meeting of the year and then a covered dish dinner. They also invited families to stay the night camping if they so desired. The weather report didn’t look promising and the thought of setting up a tent on a rainy Saturday with people I barely know held little pleasure for me. Brandon slept over our house Friday night and helped get the truck packed as my wife pushed me through this upcoming ordeal. Here I was silently dreading going and while Brandon’s excitement was evident, it wasn’t until we got in the truck and were driving to the campsite that he really opened up about how excited he was. 

Then it struck me. A story I’d read many moons ago about an old man searching for a photo of his wife...

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