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$1.3 Million with 200 Less Cars

When I met Erick, he was managing his shop full time during the day and working another full time job overnight just to make ends meet.  He is right outside New York City so he was barely getting by with the shop bringing in $800K per year.

In just a few months, Erick quit that second job, and by year's end, he increased his revenue to $1.3 million servicing 200 less cars.  He says as a result of our engagement, he is a better husband, better father and better son.


Shop of the Year

Lucas was one week from closing his doors for good. Making only $15K per month, bankruptcy was looming.

A few months later his business was turned around and his life was changed forever.

He was making $95K per month, was awarded the IGONC prestigious Shop of the Year award, and was celebrating the birth of a baby boy.



10X Growth in One Year

When Tristan joined Rick's Inner Circle, the shop was in debt, gross profit was at 32%, net profit was in the negative and he had less than $9,000 in the bank.

Fast forward a year and things are pretty different.  Tristan's average car count is about the same each month but his gross profit is now 53% and his net profit is almost 15%.  Remember the bank balance?  Now he has no debt, $100,000 in the bank and a new building on the horizon.


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