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The Thought for This Week is "What's Your Plan?"

180biz jot plan video blog Jun 15, 2020

What's Your Plan by Rick White, President 180BIZ

I'm going to ask you a real simple question. What's the plan? That's right. What's the plan? Dwight D. Eisenhower once said, “Plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.” You must have a plan. Set your intentions for where you're going in the coming week, the coming month, the coming year. We’re almost halfway through 2020. Don't let this year just flushed down the toilet. If you do, that's on you. That's your choice. You have an opportunity for an amazing rest of the year. What are you going to do to in the next six months to create that year? What are you going to do in the next six months as an opportunity to grow 2021? Use this last six months as a springboard for amazing results now and growing through 2021.

Everything that's been going on this year has been like a one two punch. Hasn't it? Between the Coronavirus and the shutdown. And then the racial tensions and stuff like that. And my heart goes out to...

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The Thought for This Week is "Be Aware!"


Be Aware by Rick White, President 180BIZ

It’s time to see outside of your own issues. Be aware.. Let me explain to you what I'm talking about. You're in one of three phases of your business right now.

  • You're either ramping it up and working at getting a busier.
  • You’re getting busier and busier as each week passes.
  • Or you're really slammed and you're just trying to get the work out and trying to get to the end of the day. You've got tunnel vision while working on the growth of the business.

This is all admirable, but there have never been times like this. There's never been a time where we've just had issues stacking on top of each other.  We have the pandemic issue, the economy issue, and we have the racial tensions.

As business owners, we must be aware of our people.  We must be aware of where they are emotionally. We must see them and see their emotional stress level. There's so much going on. If they're just getting back to work, there could be financial...

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The Word for Today is DREAM!


Dream by Rick White, President 180BIZ

Dream. The word for today is DREAM. Why? Because the future isn't some smokey thing out there in the clouds. You create it. Think of the future as a blank slate. That's what it is. Your future is a blank slate. Your future is created with dreams. It is the dreams that you have today and the actions that you take based on what you believe that create your future. No one else is responsible for creating your future other than yourself. You are responsible for creating your future. It’s that simple.

If you don’t actively create your own future, one of two things will happen.

  1. Your future will be created for you by someone else's dream.
  2. You’ll be stuck where you are.

Regardless of which happens, your piece of the pie will get a little bit smaller each and every day.

If you stay who you are right now, you will stay where you are right now.

You create your future with the dreams you have today coupled with the actions you take. I...

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Daily Dose Episode 75


The Last One by Rick White, President 180BIZ

I have a surprise for you. This is the last daily dose. Yes it is. It has served its purpose. When we started the Daily Dose 75 days ago, it was to help shops get through a very scary time. And I think we've done that. Things have become a new normal now. Shops are busy and states are reopening. So, I think we've done the job. What I set out to do, I did. I'm incredibly happy and humbled at everyone coming in and watching. So, I'd like to just do a quick reflection today.

Don't make this an event or a hiccup that you had to go over to keep going the way you were going. Give yourself the gift of this as a turning point. Something to nudge you in a different, better direction instead of going back to the same path you were on before the virus. Please, please, please let that be the case.  I’d like to go over the four key gifts, lessons that I'm hoping you took these Daily Doses and our time together that are helping you to move...

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Daily Dose Episode 74


Time Budgeting by Rick White, President 180BIZ

Today I want to talk to you about time management. There is no such thing. You can't manage time. You have the same 24 hours that everyone else does. So, I want to talk to you about what I would call time budgeting. Time is a lot like money. If you don't pay attention to what you're doing with it, it kind of just evaporates, doesn't it? So just like you need a budget for your finances, you need a budget for your time.

When I work with people on time management it’s all about focus.  We talk about what they will focus on. It's not about managing your time, it's managing your priorities, it's about looking at and working on the right things.

Most people really do want to have a schedule. A schedule that helps them do everything they want in the day. But, that happens about once a month. The mistake we make is thinking that when we accomplish something, all we need to do is repeat it every day. It’s not that easy....

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Daily Dose Episode 73


Set Standards and Stop Tolerating by Rick White, President 180BIZ

 What will I talk about today? We're going to talk about a disconnect. What are shops starting to see? I am so glad you asked. Businesses are changing and things are starting to pick up. The car counts are coming up. But many of the shops are the same or even worse than before the pandemic. But, how could that be? What's going on? And I'm going to tell you exactly what is going on in two words. You haven't set a standard. So standard is the first word. You have not set a standard. You haven't set a new standard for your business. And because you didn’t sit down with everyone to say what your going to do, everyone thinks it’s the same stuff they did before. And that's why this isn't working.

The second reason it's not working is because you're tolerating. That’s the second word, tolerating. You must stop tolerating subpar performance. You've must look at this as the time to get better. Now is...

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Daily Dose Episode 72


Creating a Team Environment by Rick White, President 180BIZ

Now, yesterday from Memorial Day I was talking about teams. I asked if your team knows that you've got their back. Do they know that you'd take a bullet for them? Remember, it's not the big stuff that gives us a hard time. It's easy to take a bullet. It's a lot harder to stop what you're doing and listen, trust me, I just did it right. Brenda was talking to me while I was doing something. I was listening, but I kept doing what I was doing. That’s not okay. It's not okay because she didn't feel like she had my attention. She didn't feel like she was worth it. And that's a problem. So, I decided that would be our topic for today. 

Let’s talk about teams, because ultimately, how do you create a team?  And I really thought that through. It occurred to me that you don’t create a team. I want you to completely understand this. I know this sounds a little counterintuitive. You can't create a team. All...

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Daily Dose Episode 71


The Importance of Memorial Day by Rick White, President 180BIZ


Today it's Memorial Day. Now for me, Memorial Day’s the meaning has kind of been lost. It always meant the beginning of summer. It was a big cookout and a neighborhood block party that we went to as kids. Our neighbor, Jack, had a pool party, a big cookout.  We had horseshoe tournaments with a big trophy. It was a big deal. And they had three big cookouts each year. One on Memorial Day, one on the 4th of July, and one on Labor Day. So, I kind of missed out on what the real meaning of Memorial Day is.

We absolutely want to use this time to recognize and celebrate the beginning of summer. I think that's important. It's like the change of the guard. It's going from the growth in the greens of spring to the heat and beauty of summer. But I also think we need to step back and look at those people that have given their lives in service of this country. That's what this is all about. It's not about everyone...

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Daily Dose Episode 70 (Faith Edition)


The Power of Regret by Rick White, President 180BIZ

So, what I want to talk to you about today? I'm kind of going to go down a range here and I hope this makes sense to you. When things happen and they don't go our way, we tend to have regret.  Regret is an indicator that we feel we could have done something a little bit better or a little bit different. Regret has some powerful lessons. We all have regret in our lives for mistakes that we made. There are times when we feel like we made the wrong choice. But do you know something? I truly believe that everything that happens in our lives happens for us. They're designed to help us become better people to accept. I think that's really what life is all about. It’s learning to accept. Think about the serenity prayer. It still touches me.


Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
the courage to change the things I can,
and the wisdom to know the difference.

Look at regret and think what you could have...

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Daily Dose Episode 69 (Family Edition)


Who Can You Help? by Rick White, President 180BIZ

This is our family edition. Today I want to talk to you about a different perspective. For the last couple of months, it's been easy to focus on survival. You’ve been focused on moving forward and keeping yourself and your business whole. You’ve been focused on taking care of your team and your family. And I think that's important. But you must make sure your house is in order. I've been telling clients that unemployment is running about 22% nationwide right now.  It’s a sin.  But still leaves 78% of the people who are still working. And I think that's amazing. And as a business owner, we must be focused on the possibility not the negativity. We must be focused on the opportunity. Yes, there are a lot of people hurting. But I'm going to ask you to step back and start looking around to see who you can help.

There's this old story, and I'm sure you've heard it before, but I want to remind you of it. A young...

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