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Daily Dose Episode 7 (Faith Edition)


Faith Edition - What Does a Canoe Have to Do With It?  By Rick White, President 180BIZ

 I think we need a day where we can unplug, slow down and reflect. I think that there is a reason for Genesis and the whole seven days thing. I think it's important, to slow down and really refresh, recharge, unplug, and fill yourself back up.

I don't know if you know this about me. I've been very involved with the Boy Scouts my entire life. I've been an Assistant Scoutmaster for 12 years and a Cubmaster for five years. So, one of the things that I was thinking about is that typically we’re either walking or running through life. And if you think about it, there's only one part of you, one point of contact between you and the earth.  Now we do that because we have this gift called gravity that helps us to keep our feet on the ground. Most of the time we're able to get through life with just one point of contact. Cause if you think about it, you're walking to open. Good...

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Daily Dose Episode 6


We Are Unstoppable! by Rick White, President 180BIZ

 Today we're going to talk about families. The aspect of family that I want to talk about today is kids. The first thing I want to bring up is how many of us have children or grandchildren in our lives and our days are filled with regret.  We’re missing things because we’re too busy at work. 

But work is your life. You don't get to bond with your kids the way you would like to. I've had that problem with my kids, with my grandkids, and I'm getting better with it. I'm willing to wager that there's so many of you that have had times in your life where you feel that regret too.  Well, now is an amazing opportunity to better relate with your kids and your grandkids.

But if you're filled with fear, if you're worried about the way things are going and what to do about it, you're not going to connect with your kids. They're going to be there, sometimes under foot. In fact, you may find yourself snapping at...

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Daily Dose Episode 5


We Will Overcome! By Rick White, President 180BIZ

Over the last couple of days, I've been talking about the three questions we ask ourselves all the time. What am I focused on? And then I talked about the three preferences. I talked about whether I'm focused on what I have vs. what I don't have, what I can control vs. what I can't control and am I focused in the past, the present or the future? And we've talked about what the best way to do that is or the best preferences to have. If you haven't heard that, I'm going to ask you to go back and watch the first four episodes. All the daily doses can be found on my BLOG

In Episode 4, I talked about once we focus on something, we give it a meaning. When we give it a meaning, immediately comes an emotion attached to that meaning and words that we use to describe that meaning.

What I want to talk about now is the third question we ask ourselves.  What am I going to do about it? What actions am I going to...

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Daily Dose Episode 4


You Are STRONGER than the CoronaVirus by Rick White, President 180BIZ

I've talked to you previously about the three questions we ask ourselves. We talked about the first question, “What am I going to focus on?” Now, understand there's three preferences within that question. I’ll review it quickly.

  • Am I focused on what I have or am I focused on what I don't have?
  • Am I focused on what I can control or focused on what I can't control?
  • Am I focused on the past, present, or future or what combination?

And I'm telling you that when I finally understood those preferences, it changed my life. Here's what you want to do. The trifecta is:

  • Focus on what you have. Be grateful and feel abundant.Gratitude stands for great attitude.
  • Focus on what you can control. There's a whole bunch of stuff we can't do anything about. What you want to do is think about something that you can work on that will make you better.
  • Focus on the future from the perspective of where you're heading,...
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Daily Dose Episode 3


Let's Show this Virus Who's Boss! by Rick White, President 180BIZ

Today I want to go over several things. I've had some people reach out to say, Rick, this stuff you're sharing is great, but what do I do about my business? I want you to understand that the most important thing you can do for your business is recognize that you're either going to be the greatest stepping stone or the greatest stumbling block. We need to be aware of where we're at. Yesterday, I talked about the three preferences we tend to fall under. Whether I'm thinking about what I do have, or I don't have, whether I'm focused on what I can do or can't do, and whether I'm focused on the past, present or future.

I have to be honest with you. I was focused on what I didn't have. I was focused on what I couldn't do, what I can't control. And a lot of times my time was spent fully in the past or always in the present, or even always in the future. Once I really understood those three preferences and understood...

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Daily Dose Episode 2


Daily Dose by Rick White, President 180BIZ

Yesterday I alluded to focus, having a plan, a positive focus. So there are three questions we ask ourselves all the time. I've talked about this for years, in sales, the most powerful tool you have as a salesperson are QUESTIONS. The questions you ask are going to be the things that create the environment that make it easy for your customer to say yes. Questions are so powerful. But what you are not aware of is that every morning you ask yourself one question. It sets your mood, it sets your tone, it sets your focus. When you get up each morning and you ask yourself this question, “What's going to go wrong today?” Do you think that question might create blinders? Do you think that you're unconsciously looking for everything that will go wrong? And you know what the amazing thing is?  Your brain is trained to help you find it.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can change the questions you ask. You can start to...

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Daily Dose Episode 1


Daily Dose by Rick White, President 180BIZ

This CoronaVirus is a little bit scary. I get that. It's not just a little scary, it can really be overwhelming.  Sometimes you feel like you're all alone with the problems that you’re facing and that it's just you against the world.  I am here to tell you that is not true. You can't let the fear take control. Zig Ziglar said it best. He said, “Expect the best. Prepare for the worst. Capitalize on what comes.” Now, most of us are coming into this with a business that isn't quite where we want it to be.  It's not as busy as we want it to be. We're not making the money that we want. And now this virus hits us and it's overwhelming. I’ll say it again. It's overwhelming.

There are two things I will share with you. The first thing is what I call the three P’s of problems.

Pervasive: The first thing we do when we have a problem is make it pervasive. What do I mean by that? We take one issue and...

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The Word of the Day is MODES


Hi, my name is Rick white with 180Biz and I just want to talk about one thing for today and that is modes.

You see, in your business there are only two modes. There's DO IT mode and GROW IT mode and the problem that I see all the time with auto repair shops is the fact that they are in do it mode 98 or better percent of the time.  They are so much more comfortable with the DO IT part of their business versus the GROW IT part of their business. Now the first thing I want to share with you about this is the fact that you have to be intentional about creating time where you are in GROW IT mode. If you don't have that time set aside, then what ends up happening is you end up with the cycle of being really, really busy and then nothing and then really, really busy and then nothing. So you've got to have time for GROW IT mode. Now when I say GROW IT mode, most shops think I've got to advertise more, I need more customers and that's not the case. There are three ways to grow your...

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The Word of the Day is CONTRIBUTE


Good morning everybody. My name is Rick White. I'm the lead coach for 180BIZ. You're going to notice I'm not in my office today. I'm outside and it's a great day for today's conversation. So first thing I'm gonna do is you're going to notice, I hope you can see that 10 minutes. We're going to hit the start right there. You can see it's going, hot dog! Let's get started. So today I'm outside. I want to show you where I'm at. I'm going to do a little panoramic here with the phone and that's what I'm using my phone today. So look at this.

This is an absolutely beautiful park here in Harrisonburg, Virginia, that for the next four days is going to be inundated with about a hundred cub scouts. We're going to have our day camp here and it is a lot of fun. This is I think, my fifth year doing it. Oh my wife's on. Good Morning Brenda. So what I'm here to do today is to talk to you about it. See this pavilion that I'm in right now, by the end of the day is going to be set up for the cubs...

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The Word of the Day is EXCEED


During my video blogs each week, I’m going to come up with a word I want you to think about. Just something to start your week off right.

This morning’s word is EXCEED. Exceeding customer's expectations. Let’s start with a story.

About two months ago, Brenda went away for a week.  So… Brandon, our oldest grandson, and I had a guy’s weekend.

We drove up to Washington, D.C. and went to an event called Marvel Heroes Live. We had two front row tickets. The show was 90 minutes of guys playing superheroes going after bad guys with stage blowing up, etc. Brandon had a blast.

The thing that struck me, believe it or not, was the cotton candy. One of our take homes was a huge bag of cotton candy. Not a big deal, right? You'd expect to see cotton candy popcorn and things like that at these events. The cotton candy was only, was, of course, 30 dollars. What amazed me was when we finished the cotton candy there were moist towelettes at the bottom of the bag to...

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