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You've Got to Be Part Pig to Achieve Your Goals!

goals Sep 25, 2017

Did I get your attention? Awesome, now let me explain what I mean. Setting goals are exciting. When you’re deciding on what you’re capable of and what you want in your life, it’s pretty easy to see why you’re so stoked. You’re thinking possibility. You’re thinking winner. You’re thinking jackpot. And you should.

Right on the other side of all that excitement though are boredom, monotony, and doubt. When it happens to you, don’t think it’s a bad thing because these feelings happen to everyone. Which is a great thing because if everyone goes through these feelings and some can still achieve amazing things, so can you. You’ll encounter these feelings because the decision to achieve a goal happens in an instant while the actual achieving of the goal can take years. You don’t achieve your goals with these giant breakthrough events; you achieve them with small, seemingly insignificant actions taken over time that multiply...

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