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Successful Auto Repair Shop Owners See Possibilities over Problems


Are You Staring at Your Problems or Possibilities? by Rick White, President 180BIZ

We have gone through issues unlike anything any of us has ever seen in our lifetimes this past year in 2020. And you know something, there were probably some scary times for a lot of us. I know that there were times where I was concerned and wondering what was going to happen. But guess what? You made it, I made it, we made it. And I want to say congratulations. That is something incredible. Give yourself a pat on the back. Regardless of what else happened, the fact that you're still standing, the fact that you have fallen down, got back up, dust off and kept going is something to be proud of.

But let me ask you a question.  Did you get to where you wanted to get to in 2020? For a lot of us, in 2020, we had some pretty big goals. It was a new decade. There was much introspection and thoughts about how are we going to do in 2020? How are we going to build the next decade of our lives and our businesses? And then suddenly the pandemic hit, and the racial tensions erupted, and the election issues happened.  All of this different noise occurred. So, my question to you is, did you end up where you wanted to be when 2020 first started? And I'm willing to bet the answer is no. I think it’s due to one of two things.

  1. Your focus changed from goals to survival. It changed from going after big goals to “Let’s just survive 2020.” And if that's the case, you did get where you wanted to be. Survival became your new goal without even realizing it.
  2. But the second reason is that you were staring at your problems instead of your possibilities.

See, this is where we tie this all in.  You have a garden every day.  Your garden is filled with problems and possibilities. What are you focused on? That doesn't mean you pretend the problems aren't there. Just don't stare at the problems and make them bigger. Look at the problems and ask yourself, “How do I fix them?” Be sure that you are focusing on your possibilities.

I hope every one of you are dreaming big. I want you to imagine that I'm giving you a business card.  It represents one free dream to redeem.  And it's my gift to you. I want you to dream big this year. If you don't have that focus you will miss out on the possibilities. If you don't have the destination, you're going to trip over the possibilities, staring at your problems. Great years don't just happen by themselves. Imagine getting in a rowboat on a raging river with no oars. And we call that river life. And that river has a current. And that current is dictated and determined by situation, circumstances, events, and other people. Give yourself the gift of a destination, which is the oars.

You can see the possibilities but must have the direction to get there. Those possibilities will show up. Every single day, your life is a mosaic. There are no such things as good days or bad days. There are events that happen throughout your day that you assign a meaning. And the ones you focus on the most dictate how you see that day.

Hear me now. Everything that's been happening to you is happening for you. You are a better shop owner today than you were a year ago. You are a savvier shop owner now than you were a year ago. You are a more intuitive shop owner than you were a year ago.  Why? Because we went through hell this last year. There was so much noise. It was so easy to get swallowed up. You made it through. You are bigger and better than you were before.

It's time to build on that. Do not allow the current, the situation, the circumstances, events, and other people to dictate your destiny, your destination. Dream big. Pick a destination, and then start going for it. Only then will the possibilities show up. I guarantee that there are possibilities all around you. You just need the right glasses on to see them.

So, don't make your problems bigger than they are. Deal with them. Look for the possibilities. Look for the growth. Don't run away from something, go chase something.  That will be a lot more powerful for you.

If this video was something that you really enjoyed, if you think the message was good, please share it.  There are people out there that need to hear this. There are people out there that need to see the possibilities. All they see and the problems. We have days filled with both. Let's help them find it.

Also, if this is something you're interested in, we have our Pocket Business Genius webinar series. It gives you a library of webinars, as well as a live webinar every month on real topics that are going to help you grow your shop, your business, your profits.

Take care, God bless, and go make some money.

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