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You've Got to Be Part Pig to Achieve Your Goals!

Did I get your attention? Awesome, now let me explain what I mean. Setting goals are exciting. When you’re deciding on what you’re capable of and what you want in your life, it’s pretty easy to see why you’re so stoked. You’re thinking possibility. You’re thinking winner. You’re thinking jackpot. And you should.

Right on the other side of all that excitement though are boredom, monotony, and doubt. When it happens to you, don’t think it’s a bad thing because these feelings happen to everyone. Which is a great thing because if everyone goes through these feelings and some can still achieve amazing things, so can you. You’ll encounter these feelings because the decision to achieve a goal happens in an instant while the actual achieving of the goal can take years. You don’t achieve your goals with these giant breakthrough events; you achieve them with small, seemingly insignificant actions taken over time that multiply through the law of the compound effect. The fact is you’re going to hit obstacles. You’re going to trip and fall. This is where 95% of the population give up. So what do the achievers have that the other 95% don’t? They’re pigheaded.

They have a pigheaded commitment to their dream. They refuse to give up no matter the obstacle. They can see themselves achieving their goal and enjoying the fruits of their victory. They can feel how good it will be to win. They know how rewarding it will be because of the difference they can make in their lives and the lives around them.

They have pigheaded discipline. They know that goal achievement is a marathon, not a sprint. They know that it’s easy to do the things they need to every day to achieve their goals. They also know it’s easy NOT to do those things and to put them off for another time. They discipline themselves to do what they know they must do even if they can’t see it making a difference because they understand the value of the compound effect and the momentum they’ll build as they continue.

They take pigheaded action. They know the things they need to do and they do them every day, every time. No excuses. No procrastinating. Do it right now is their motto regardless of how they feel about doing it right then. Again, this all ties into the momentum that occurs over time with small actions taken daily and they use that momentum to get what they want and desire in their lives.

Dream big. Believe in yourself. Know that you don’t achieve your goals in a day; you achieve your goals by what you do day by day. Become pigheaded and you’ll show the world just how AMAZING you are!

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