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When Are You Going to Do It?

action Oct 30, 2017

There are things you know you should be doing and yet you’re not doing them. There are things you need to do and yet you’re not doing them. Why? Because your brain tries to avoid what it perceives as a risk at all times to keep you safe. Your brain’s main function is survival. That’s why there’s a comfort zone. But do you want to survive or do you want to thrive?

There’s a great success law called the Law of Diminishing Intent which simply states that longer you put off something you should do now, the less likely you are going to do it at all. When you start thinking about what you want, should, or need to do, your brain kicks in and that little voice in your head tries to talk you out of doing it using fear, doubt, and procrastination as its weapons. This is your brain in pure survival mode which worked twenty thousand years ago when we lived in caves but not so much now. Survival mode will give you a life of mediocrity and just get...

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Overcoming Procrastination

action Oct 09, 2017

Everyone procrastinates sometimes. The problem with procrastination is it causes you to take tasks that could’ve and should’ve been done yesterday and brings them into today. Over time, these tasks become baggage that you carry with you where ever you go in the form of stress and failure. I’ve found that procrastination is caused by one of two feelings, fear or dread.

Notice I said feelings. Your brain uses these feelings to keep you from getting outside your comfort zone or routine because your brain’s main purpose is survival and it likes to conserve energy which is why you have a comfort zone. You get up at the same time, get dressed the same way, eat the same thing, drive the same way to work, do the same thing you did yesterday, drive home, eat the same things for dinner, watch TV, and then go to bed about the same time each and every day. Your brain loves cruise control. Anytime you think of doing something new or different, within five seconds, your...

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The Simple Secret to Getting Everything You Want

action Sep 11, 2017

Everybody dreams about having more in their lives, and most wait for it to happen to them while some plan for it but are waiting for the perfect time to do the work to see their dream come to pass. Fewer still actually achieve their goals by using one simple secret to getting everything they want.

I see it time and time again where a person decides on a goal, makes a plan, and then waits for the perfect time to do the big work they need to do to realize their dream. An example of this issue is a shop owner that has a pile of payables sitting on his or her desk just waiting to be entered into their accounting software. Every day they look at that growing pile and beat themselves up about when they can set aside the time to get the bills all entered. All the while this looming task silently steals their joy and causes them to doubt themselves and their abilities.

The simple secret to achieving anything you set your heart and mind to is called “The Rule of 5.”...

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action May 23, 2016

This past weekend my grandson Brandon schooled me on the power of impact. I took Brandon camping for the first time. The Cub Scout Pack he belongs to planned this past Saturday as a day filled with sports, fun, friends, and fishing culminating with the last Pack meeting of the year and then a covered dish dinner. They also invited families to stay the night camping if they so desired. The weather report didn’t look promising and the thought of setting up a tent on a rainy Saturday with people I barely know held little pleasure for me. Brandon slept over our house Friday night and helped get the truck packed as my wife pushed me through this upcoming ordeal. Here I was silently dreading going and while Brandon’s excitement was evident, it wasn’t until we got in the truck and were driving to the campsite that he really opened up about how excited he was. 

Then it struck me. A story I’d read many moons ago about an old man searching for a photo of his wife...

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