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Auto Repair Shop Owners: You Can Do Anything, Not Everything



Can Do by Rick White, President 180BIZ  (Estimated Read Time 3 minutes 0 seconds)

What I will talk about today is Can Do. There's a CAN DO attitude and that's great to have. It means you will get it done. But what I'm talking about is that you can do anything, but you can't do everything. Brian Tracy, a couple of years ago, said that the average person's to-do list is 140% of their lifetime. Think that through for a second. It means that we must be good at understanding what we want to happen.

Zig Ziegler said we're wandering generalities, not meaningful specifics. A wandering generality doesn't know where they're going. A wandering generality reacts to everything. A wandering generality, at the end of the day, isn't moving forward. But being meaningful specific means that you are clear on the destination that you’re headed towards.

Here's the question I want you to ask yourself that will help you create a filter. It's the end of your life. People are looking at your casket. What are they saying about you? What do you want people to say about you when you are gone? This is a hard conversation to have with yourself because it admits mortality. We all want to create a legacy.  A legacy is something we can be remembered for to know that we weren't on this planet just occupying space, but in some way, making it just a little bit better. I want to be known for caring about others and wanting to help in any way I possibly can. I want people to say that I was a caring and giving person and that I was willing to have conversations with people that they didn't want to have with themselves.

You can either be a wandering generality, or you can be a meaningful specific. It isn't about what you do every day, it's how you affect the people around you every day. I’ll ask you another question and this second question gets a little tougher. So, now that you've answered how I want people to talk about me, the second question is what are you doing today to create that? That's what matters here. That legacy that you want to create, the way you want to be remembered, isn't going to happen with one grand gesture. It's going to happen with the stuff you do every single day. It's the way you show up consistently with the right intentions, the right focus, and the right expectations that will make a difference. It's how you are going to move toward your destination. And that is how people will remember you. Getting great doesn't mean saying yes to more. It means saying yes to less and then doing that amazingly well.

Remember, you can do anything, you can't do everything. Instead of trying to do everything, instead of just trying to squeeze more and more and running on empty all the time. Step back and ask yourself a question. How do I want to be remembered? And then the second question is what are you doing every single day to make that happen? Later is not your friend. Tomorrow is not your friend. How will you show up today and make a difference?

If this message resonated, please share it. I think there are so many people that need to hear this. We are all just filled with greatness and it's time to let it out. It's time to start making a difference. It's time to stop letting other people dictate what we believe. It's time for us to create that. And we will do that with our CAN DO attitude.

Stay safe, have fun and go make some money.

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