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The Simple Secret to Getting Everything You Want

Everybody dreams about having more in their lives, and most wait for it to happen to them while some plan for it but are waiting for the perfect time to do the work to see their dream come to pass. Fewer still actually achieve their goals by using one simple secret to getting everything they want.

I see it time and time again where a person decides on a goal, makes a plan, and then waits for the perfect time to do the big work they need to do to realize their dream. An example of this issue is a shop owner that has a pile of payables sitting on his or her desk just waiting to be entered into their accounting software. Every day they look at that growing pile and beat themselves up about when they can set aside the time to get the bills all entered. All the while this looming task silently steals their joy and causes them to doubt themselves and their abilities.

The simple secret to achieving anything you set your heart and mind to is called “The Rule of 5.” I first discovered this rule reading The Success Principles by Jack Canfield and Janet Switzer. This rule is powerful because instead of waiting for the ideal time to take any action towards goal achievement, you’re better off to take SOME action every day.

The Rule of 5 is simply a question you ask yourself, ideally the night before. “What 5 actions can I take tomorrow that will move me towards my goal?” You document them and then you do them. Do this consistently day in and day out and before you know it you’re setting a new goal because you’re getting everything you want!

Using the payables example above, what are five things that could be done to help this business owner achieve his goal of catching up with his payables?

  1. Start entering current payables today stopping the pile from getting bigger.
  2. Get another license for the accounting software and get some help from his staff.
  3. Get someone to come in and help him or her get caught up.
  4. Commit to staying current and entering ten bills from the pile every day.
  5. Document a process that prevents payable build up syndrome from happening again.
  6. BONUS: Uncover the time suck that’s preventing them from staying current.

The Rule of 5 is an incredibly powerful and straightforward tool to use. Small tasks, done daily will make you feel like you’re a goal crushing machine because you’re getting everything you want. So I ask you, “What five things are you going to do today to show the world just how AMAZING you are?”

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