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Daily Dose Episode 23


What Leaders Bring by Rick White, President 180BIZ

Yesterday I talked to you about creating your own economy by not letting situations, circumstances and events dictate what's going on your economy. It occupies six inches of real estate right here between your ears. Now mine, it might be eight inches. I'm kind of a fat head. But part of creating your own economy is about being that bright light in your market.  I have clients are doing just that and they're getting busier. Shops are starting to close up around them and they're getting busier. I want you to be one of those shops.

Understand what you need to do.  You need to be a leader. A leader needs to bring three things to the table.

  1. Certainty.  You need to bring a sense of calmness and reassurance to the people around you. That, in itself, will attract people to you.  Why? Because there's a lot of uncertainty surrounding everyone right now.  Being that quiet in the storm, that lighthouse that is going to...
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