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Resistance is Futile

blog goalsetting May 07, 2018

Some of the truest things are said in movies and shows. In Star Trek: The Next Generation, the Borg famously state, “Resistance is futile”. I’ve been on an intense quest to better understand who I am today and who I want to become. I realize that the bridge between these two points is my ability to set goals, change my habits with ones that better serve me, and to discipline myself to consistently do the work. I’ve seen some successes and I’ve seen some disappointments. Last year I set a goal to lose 100 pounds. By September, I was down 60 pounds and then derailed myself and I’ve gained 40 of it back.

I’ve learned some lessons going through this that I know will help me ultimately succeed, not only on this goal but on any goal that I choose for myself that I’d like to share with you over the coming days. My hope is my lessons will help you to become and achieve whatever dreams you have. The best teacher isn’t...

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Changing Goals

goalsetting May 01, 2017

Does changing goals make you feel like you’ve failed? It shouldn’t. There are times when you must change your goals to realize the life that you’ve always wanted. And on the flip side, there are times you shouldn’t change your goals. The best way to figure out whether you should keep your goals or ditch them is to ask yourself these two simple questions, “Is this really important to me?” If you answered in the affirmative, now ask, “Why?”. If you answered in the negative, ask, “Why not?” When you ask yourself these questions, be honest. Don’t let circumstances or fear lower what you believe you’re capable of achieving.

There are three reasons why you should change your goals.

  • First, the goals you set for yourself aren’t yours. Someone gave you the goals, or you picked goals you thought you should. Getting clear on what’s important to you and where you want to go takes the time to develop. This...
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