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Daily Dose Episode 64


The Best Year You Ever Had the Virus by Rick White, President 180BIZ

I'm going to ask another question today. My question today is: What are you going to do to make this the best year you ever had? The reason why I'm asking this question is because I want you to be aware. I want it consciously in front of you that no one can take this year away from you. No one or nothing can take 2020 away from you unless you give permission to do so. So, my question to you is: What are you going to do right now to make this the best year you've ever had?

Look, we had a hiccup this year. We've had the zig; we've had the zag.  It's okay. That's what life and business is all about. It's about coming to a challenge and adapting, overcoming. Every one of these Daily Dose Episodes have been designed to help you believe in yourself, believe in your business, and believe in your future. Every one of these Daily Dose Episodes are to help you not only go through this, but to help you grow through...

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