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Daily Dose Episode 62 (Family Edition)


Boundaries by Rick White, President 180BIZ

This is our family edition. What I want to talk about today are boundaries. I think boundaries are important, but you must scrutinize them. We have a fence in our yard. The fence is there to keep our kids on our property where we can see them and keep them safe. And it's also there to keep the dog in the yard. I was looking at the fence yesterday and I was thinking that it's important to have boundaries. Then this little voice inside said, “But is it?” I want you to step back and look at boundaries as a good thing. There are certain boundaries that are created by your identity.

I will never, ever, ever do drugs. That is a boundary for me because that is part of my identity. I will never ever be drunk. That is part of my identity.  That identity, that boundary is created by who I believe I am. Those are good boundaries. Those are where you are practicing self-management and self-discipline. Those boundaries are good for you....

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