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Daily Dose Episode 60


What's Your Goal for 2020? by Rick White, President 180BIZ

 I'm going to ask you another question. I honestly believe that if you want a better life, you've got to ask yourself better questions. So here's my question for you now. What's your goal for 2020? You had goals, at least I hope you did, on January 1st. Then suddenly this pandemic starts up. Things changed overnight. That happens and it's okay. But what I've seen people doing because of the uncertainty is they stopped pursuing their goals.

Why does that happen? Because you never had control of your life. You never had control of your circumstances. What you did have was control over your routines. You have control over your actions, your reactions, your attitude, your mindset, your focus, your expectations. Those are the things you had control over. We all get up in the morning, have our cup of tea or coffee, drive to work, etc.  We do that each day, every day.  We are in control.

Now, there’s a stay at...

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