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Daily Dose Episode 45


You're Stronger Now by Rick White, President 180BIZ

I want you to step back for a moment. Things are still a little squirrelly and a little wonky. Things are still a challenge. So, I want you to step back and recognize that you are stronger now than you were at the beginning of this situation. You are a different person. You are an empowered person. You are in a better place today than you were the day this all started when we had to cut things down and make changes.

Think about this for a moment. You learned how to get creative. You learned how to listen to your customers better.  You learned how to connect with them on things that are important to them, not you. You learned how to get things done. You learned how to start growing your audience and are getting more comfortable with that thought process. Not to get you through this virus situation, but as a skill set that you're going to use moving forward. I'm telling you; you are much stronger today. You are better today. I...

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