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Daily Dose Episode 32


React, Recover, Respond by Rick White, President 180BIZ

I've been talking the last couple of days about actions and where they're coming from. Your actions are coming from either a place of scarcity or opportunity. I talked about how to see which by the number of options you see and getting stuck in the planning stage and the desire to be perfect before acting. Now let’s talk about why we get stuck there.

We mostly get stuck in the planning stage because of fear. We tell ourselves we're not ready. As children, it was okay to fail, like trying to walk and trying to ride a bike. We fell but got right back up and tried again. As adults, it doesn't work that way any longer. Can you imagine a toddler sitting in crawling until they completely figured out how they could walk perfectly and never fall? It's not possible. As adults, we want perfection out of fear.

I learned this lesson from Mel Robbins and Coach Jennie. They said that perfectionism isn't the desire to do something...

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