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The Thought for This Week is "Dust Off Your Dream"

180biz dream jot video blog Jul 06, 2020

Dust Off Your Dream by Rick White, President 180BIZ


Do me a favor. Close your eyes. I want you to visualize that time when you got a new car, either it was brand new or just brand new to you. I want you to remember the pride that came with that car, the feeling of identity, how every little dirt and dust stain on that car got wiped off and you were meticulous and how it got taken care of and how everything mattered. And it was so important to keep it clean and good looking and nice and smelling good on the inside. And just remember that for just a moment. Just one moment. I want you to remember how good that felt. The pride, the potential of that vehicle, everything going around it.

And then I want you to remember again, keeping your eyes closed when you started to allow things to happen, where maybe it got a little dirty on the inside and you thought I'll take care of it later. Or you've got a little ding in the door and it upset you for a little bit. And you said to...

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The Thought for this Week is DREAM!


Dream by Rick White, President 180BIZ

Dream. The word for today is DREAM. Why? Because the future isn't some smokey thing out there in the clouds. You create it. Think of the future as a blank slate. That's what it is. Your future is a blank slate. Your future is created with dreams. It is the dreams that you have today and the actions that you take based on what you believe that create your future. No one else is responsible for creating your future other than yourself. You are responsible for creating your future. It’s that simple.

If you don’t actively create your own future, one of two things will happen.

  1. Your future will be created for you by someone else's dream.
  2. You’ll be stuck where you are.

Regardless of which happens, your piece of the pie will get a little bit smaller each and every day.

If you stay who you are right now, you will stay where you are right now.

You create your future with the dreams you have today coupled with the actions you take. I...

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