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The Word of the Day is DISCOURAGEMENT

discouragement video blog Jun 20, 2019

Welcome to another glorious Monday morning. My name is Rick White. I'm with 180BIZ here in beautiful Harrisonburg, Virginia and I want to welcome you all here this morning. Now I have a promise. Oh look, we got the timer and I’m setting it for 10 minutes.

Today's word of the day is DISCOURAGED. Nobody wants to talk about it. We're all super achievers, we all want to push for that next level. But the reality is you're going to get discouraged. And what I'd like to do is just talk to you really quick about what can cause the discouragement and then what you can do about it so that you can keep on moving. Because the danger is when you get discouraged, it stalls you out, it stops you from moving. And we want to help you with that. Let's talk about the first thing that can cause you to get discouraged.

The first thing that can cause you to get discouraged is comparing yourself to other people. You have to recognize that you are running your own race. When you compare yourself to...

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