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The Word of the Day is DISCOURAGEMENT

discouragement video blog Jun 20, 2019

Welcome to another glorious Monday morning. My name is Rick White. I'm with 180BIZ here in beautiful Harrisonburg, Virginia and I want to welcome you all here this morning. Now I have a promise. Oh look, we got the timer and I’m setting it for 10 minutes.

Today's word of the day is DISCOURAGED. Nobody wants to talk about it. We're all super achievers, we all want to push for that next level. But the reality is you're going to get discouraged. And what I'd like to do is just talk to you really quick about what can cause the discouragement and then what you can do about it so that you can keep on moving. Because the danger is when you get discouraged, it stalls you out, it stops you from moving. And we want to help you with that. Let's talk about the first thing that can cause you to get discouraged.

The first thing that can cause you to get discouraged is comparing yourself to other people. You have to recognize that you are running your own race. When you compare yourself to somebody else, whether it be social media likes or “hey, they're doing this in sales” or “look at all the customers they have and I don't have.” There's a problem inherently with this because what you're doing is you are comparing your beginning to somebody else's middle or maybe even end. And that's not a fair comparison. You must recognize that you are in business not to beat somebody, but to achieve. You are there to be your best, not be better than somebody else. The only person you should be comparing yourself to is who you were yesterday. So the first thing that can hurt you as comparison.

The second thing that can cause discouragement is seeing lessons as failures.  When we had babies, can you imagine having a little baby? And that baby starts to walk and falls down and you say, “You stay down there, you are absolutely trash. You're no good. You stay there, you're useless. You can't do that.” Can you ever imagine doing that to one of your children? I can't. What did we do? We encouraged them. “Hey, great job. Let's go. Let's get better. You can do one more step. Let's make it happen.” And we would get them excited enough so that they would come up and do it again. When did it change where we expect perfection from the get go? When was the first time we're going to do something, we're going to do it perfectly? It doesn't happen. You've got to allow yourself to be a toddler.

When you're starting something new. You've got to allow yourself to crawl and then and then walk and then you can run. You've got to give yourself permission to be a toddler and learn the lessons. Don't think of them as failure. Look at your business as a giant science lab and you're there to prove theories. So you have this theory about something and you're going to run an experiment to see if it works.  You're going to get a result that's either going to prove or disprove your theory. That's all it is. And then it allows you to begin again more intelligently to either tweak your theory or to say, “You know something that's really doesn't work for me. Let me find something that does.” Never, ever, ever should feedback, be considered failure.

The last thing I see all the time is shop owners that somehow, someday something happened and there was a shift. Think about it, when you first started your business, when you first took over the business how excited were you? You're like, “I'm going to set the world on fire. I am going to absolutely take the world by storm.” because all you saw was potential. And then over time your focus shift from the potential to the problems. Now all you see is problems. When you're discouraged, all you see is problems. And that's an issue because the reality is when all you saw was potential in the garden. In the beginning all you saw were the flowers and you thought that was beautiful, but then your focus changed and now you don't see the flowers anymore. All you see the weeds.

We've got to understand what optimism is. To be an optimist does not mean you sit there believing that there are no weeds, there are no weeds, there are no weeds. That's not optimism. That's delusion. Optimism sees the potential, focuses on the potential, recognizes and deals with the problems. And optimists believe that no matter what comes up, they have the ability to overcome them. So stop staring at the weeds. When was the last time you asked yourself, what's good about this? What is amazing about my business today? What are the opportunities that I'm not taking advantage of today that I could and should be that will take me to the next level?

And the last thing, and this is something I don't see often, is getting discouraged when you're not on the right path. When what you're doing is not really what you love or you've lost sight of what you love. You know, sometimes what happens is when you lose your purpose, you lose your mission, you get stuck in the tasks, the doing it, doing it, doing it, and it gets old so fast and burned out. But when you can remember why you're there, why God put you in on this earth, doing what you're doing, the people that you get to serve and make a difference in their lives, it's always great. I can tell you for a fact, and I suffer from this too, every once in a while I get stuck going through the routine instead of remembering the Impact that I can have.  And once I get tapped back into that impact, you better watch out. I'm on fire.

You see, discouragement, all it is, is you don't have any hope for the future. You've lost it. You've got to get back to where you got hope because as John Maxwell once said, “When you have hope in the future, you have power in the present.” That is such a great quote. So I'm going to challenge you today. In what areas of your life are you discouraged and why? Are you comparing yourself? Are you seeing your lessons as failure? Or are you staring at the problems instead of the potential? You can fix this and you can become something that's really amazing. Don't live smaller than you could and should be. You know, Les Brown, great guy, said, “Don't die rusted out, die worn out.” Die so that there's not a bit left of you, that you have played every game, every play with every ounce of energy that you have. That's when you're going to be amazing. That's when your business and your life are going to be amazing.

So the word of the day is DISCOURAGEMENT. And I hope I've shown you today how to kick it right to the curb because it's not serving you. Step back, grow, learn, and become more. I’m Rick White and that's just one thing.



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