Episode 63 - Create a Safe Place for Auto Repair Shop Owners

Season #1

What I will talk about is the uncertainty that's going on in the world. It's everywhere. It's almost like the world has said, “Oh, you can handle the pandemic? Here, take Ukraine! Here, take Russia! Here, take part shortages! Here, take supply shortages! Here, take inflation!” And it's just mounting and mounting and mounting and people need a break. People need a place where there's safety. If you look at one of Maslow’s first levels, it's about safety. Now the reality is we go looking for safety in the wrong places. We look for safety with money. We look for safety, with things. We look for safety with drinking or different things that just quiet us down on the inside. I would like you as a leader to create a safe place. How do you do that? Press play and listen along as I break it down a little for you.