Episode 4 - You Can't Demand Trust

We're so focused on making a sale and on getting those numbers. I need to talk to you about one word and that word is TRUST. You're never going to get someone to do something until they trust you. You're never going to be able to get what you want until they feel like you're giving them what they want. If you make recommendations and can't tie that recommendation to something that they exactly want you're in trouble. I think about trust all the time and it's such an important ingredient to relationships. Every relationship has a trust account. What are you intentionally doing to make deposits in everyone's trust account? In your wife's, and your husband's, and your boyfriend’s, and your girlfriend’s, and your kid’s, at work with your clients’, with your team? What are you doing to intentionally create an environment for trust? Why do I say it that way? Because trust isn't something you demand. Listen on.