Episode 3 - Focus On Their Needs Not Yours

Are you focused on that person in front of you and their needs, or are you focused on what you need? Are you focused on what you’re lacking? Are you focused on your payroll? Are you focused on your bills? If you're focused on those things,  there’s a psychological term called perception of self-interest. If I'm your client or customer perceive a high level of self-interest on your side, it makes them wary. It makes them cautious. It makes them not trust you because are you doing this for them? Or are you doing this for you?  I know you want a relationship with your clients. But as long as you're focused on you, your needs, your problems, your issues, your growth, you can't be in a relationship because your world ends right here at the end of your nose. It's not possible. 

In order for you to grow that relationship, your focus has to be 100% on the person you want to serve.  Keep listening and I'll share with you my secret sauce.