Episode 2 - Focus On Buying Not Selling

When you're focused on selling you're pushing your agenda. Instead, focus on the buying process, on what triggers the buyer, on what helps them make the decisions. How can you influence that? All of a sudden you're on the same side as your customer and you're helping them. You become an assistant buyer. Number one, what lessons can you learn from being a customer? Number two, no one likes to be sold. Everyone likes to buy. How are you creating a buying experience? How are you creating an environment that helps you influence your customer? So that's number two. And then number three, as you learn these lessons from your buying experiences, understand that people tend to sell the way they like to buy. This is important. People tend to sell the way they like to buy. Which is fantastic. As long as you're talking to someone that's just like you. But what happens when they're not just like you? What happens when they want a different experience? Are you curious enough and aware enough to pick up on that and then provide it? Want to learn more? Listen on.