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About Us

One Eighty Business Soluitions (180BIZ) provides superior coaching, training and consulting in all facets of small business management specializing in the automotive and truck repair industry. While our approach to coaching is proven to work successfully to improve the profitability model of the small to medium sized business, we don't stop there. We assist YOU, the owner, in rekindling that entrepreneurial passion that led you into your business in the first place!

At 180BIZ we provide consulting services designed to help you to solve specific problems or take advantage of particular opportunites within your current operation. We consider your specific challenges or opportunity, arrive at a conclusion and recommend a solution to solve the problem or capitalize on the opportunity. Some consulting opportunities would be the creation of sales and marketing strategies, launching of marketing campaigns, creation of employee compensation plans and an analysis of financial information resulting in a recommendation for improvements.

We have been successfully coaching business owners since 1999. Although our coaching techniques focus on specific areas as well, we expand our services beyond the specific performance metrics of the business to include such services as leadership development, employee relations, improving productivity through motivation, as well as the exploration of new markets and new approaches to existing markets. Clients who contact our coaches have the natural ability to be successful -- we simply bring to the table new ways of looking at existing challenges and opportunities. We not only give you the tools to improve your business -- we help you to develop the tools to improve your life!

Service Advisors are one of the most critical resources in any automative repair shop. It is this individual that is responsible for quoting customers, invoicing
customers and servicing your client base. This experience is the one experience that determines whether or not your customers return again and again! We provide training in-person, online and over the telephone designed to teach your service advisors techiques to increase sales and build excellence in customer satisfaction.


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