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The Word of the Day is CONTRIBUTE


Good morning everybody. My name is Rick White. I'm the lead coach for 180BIZ. You're going to notice I'm not in my office today. I'm outside and it's a great day for today's conversation. So first thing I'm gonna do is you're going to notice, I hope you can see that 10 minutes. We're going to hit the start right there. You can see it's going, hot dog! Let's get started. So today I'm outside. I want to show you where I'm at. I'm going to do a little panoramic here with the phone and that's what I'm using my phone today. So look at this.

This is an absolutely beautiful park here in Harrisonburg, Virginia, that for the next four days is going to be inundated with about a hundred cub scouts. We're going to have our day camp here and it is a lot of fun. This is I think, my fifth year doing it. Oh my wife's on. Good Morning Brenda. So what I'm here to do today is to talk to you about it. See this pavilion that I'm in right now, by the end of the day is going to be set up for the cubs...

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The Word of the Day is EXCEED


During my video blogs each week, I’m going to come up with a word I want you to think about. Just something to start your week off right.

This morning’s word is EXCEED. Exceeding customer's expectations. Let’s start with a story.

About two months ago, Brenda went away for a week.  So… Brandon, our oldest grandson, and I had a guy’s weekend.

We drove up to Washington, D.C. and went to an event called Marvel Heroes Live. We had two front row tickets. The show was 90 minutes of guys playing superheroes going after bad guys with stage blowing up, etc. Brandon had a blast.

The thing that struck me, believe it or not, was the cotton candy. One of our take homes was a huge bag of cotton candy. Not a big deal, right? You'd expect to see cotton candy popcorn and things like that at these events. The cotton candy was only, was, of course, 30 dollars. What amazed me was when we finished the cotton candy there were moist towelettes at the bottom of the bag to...

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The Word of the Day is DISCOURAGEMENT

discouragement video blog Jun 20, 2019

Welcome to another glorious Monday morning. My name is Rick White. I'm with 180BIZ here in beautiful Harrisonburg, Virginia and I want to welcome you all here this morning. Now I have a promise. Oh look, we got the timer and I’m setting it for 10 minutes.

Today's word of the day is DISCOURAGED. Nobody wants to talk about it. We're all super achievers, we all want to push for that next level. But the reality is you're going to get discouraged. And what I'd like to do is just talk to you really quick about what can cause the discouragement and then what you can do about it so that you can keep on moving. Because the danger is when you get discouraged, it stalls you out, it stops you from moving. And we want to help you with that. Let's talk about the first thing that can cause you to get discouraged.

The first thing that can cause you to get discouraged is comparing yourself to other people. You have to recognize that you are running your own race. When you compare yourself to...

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