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Daily Dose Episode 72


Creating a Team Environment by Rick White, President 180BIZ

Now, yesterday from Memorial Day I was talking about teams. I asked if your team knows that you've got their back. Do they know that you'd take a bullet for them? Remember, it's not the big stuff that gives us a hard time. It's easy to take a bullet. It's a lot harder to stop what you're doing and listen, trust me, I just did it right. Brenda was talking to me while I was doing something. I was listening, but I kept doing what I was doing. That’s not okay. It's not okay because she didn't feel like she had my attention. She didn't feel like she was worth it. And that's a problem. So, I decided that would be our topic for today. 

Let’s talk about teams, because ultimately, how do you create a team?  And I really thought that through. It occurred to me that you don’t create a team. I want you to completely understand this. I know this sounds a little counterintuitive. You can't create a team. All...

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