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Daily Dose Episode 66


The Devil is in the Details by Rick White, President 180BIZ

Today it's daily dose day number 66. If we have one more six, it'd be the sign of the devil. Right? And why am I saying that? It's because the devil is in the details. Some shops are getting busier now as every state lifts sanctions and stay at home orders to some degree. I'm seeing shops getting busier. But guess what they're doing? They're stopping their marketing. They're getting into “DO IT” mode instead of “GROW IT” mode. And that, my friends, is a mistake. Please learn from this that you must market your business every single day.

You must be intentional about getting in front of new people. You must be intentional about your message. Your shop does not have a big enough base. You do not have enough customers. You need more customers. Now is a great time to do that. Still, even though people are starting to move around more, there's still a lot of free time. There's still a lot of downtime....

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