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Daily Dose Episode 50


The Blame Game by Rick White, President 180BIZ

I was watching the news last night and a third of the news program was all about how we're blaming China for the Coronavirus. I started thinking about it and thought that blame is a useless activity. Why? Because it doesn't do anything. What the best you can hope for is someone that'll say, “Yup, it's on me. My bad.” What does that do? It might make you feel better for a moment. But I'll tell you what, you're wasting your energy. You're wasting focus and you're wasting resources. You do not want to worry about the blame game. Guess what? It doesn't matter.

Throughout life, things are going to happen to you that aren't fair. I’ll tell you what on behalf of life, let me apologize now. Because the reality is there's going to be things that happen to you that aren't fair. You can spend your time in a blame situation where you're going to figure out whose fault it is. But I'm telling you it's a waste of time. Nothing gets...

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