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Daily Dose Episode 47


A Growth Mindset by Rick White, President 180BIZ

Today I want to talk to you about a shift that is happening now.  What do I mean by that? When all of this first started up, the Coronavirus pandemic, you were in panic mode. You were in adrenaline mode. You were sprinting to get your business healthier and keep it open through everything that was going on. Right? And you did it. Congratulations. Now there's a lot of talk about states opening back up. In Virginia, it's going to be about another two weeks before we hit our apex.  Realize that this is not a sprint.  We can't keep going on the energy level of the sprint. It doesn't work. It's going to burn you out. So, realize now you are no longer in a sprint. You are shifting to a marathon.

There are lot of things that you should be doing right now. And if you're interested, I am presenting a Webinar titled Thriving Through the Coronavirus. It’s on the second Wednesday of May.  That’s May 12, 2020 at...

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