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Daily Dose Episode 37


Feelings are Feedback by Rick White, President 180BIZ

The first thing I want to do is I want to tell you about a recent conversation that I had with a client. I was checking in on a shop owner and his wife to see how they were doing. They mentioned that things have been tight and they’re not doing very well. This shop’s customer base is mostly dealerships and other shops. And as you can guess right now their businesses way off because of that.

One previously talked to them about getting out there with Facebook videos and expand their customer base using different strategies. They can expand their audience, their reach. The owner’s wife has posted a few videos on Facebook. But, when I looked on their page, they haven't done much of anything lately. I asked what was going on with their outreach and videos. She replied that they cut back on staff and didn’t have the time. And when she did have time, she told me that she didn’t feel like it.

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