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Daily Dose Episode 30


Blessings by Rick White, President 180BIZ

 In the last episode, I asked you to think through what blessings and lessons learned I truly believe that of every obstacle and everything we confront, there is a seed of opportunity if we're willing to look for it. So, I wrote, believe it or not, without even trying hard, I wrote down 12 things I thought of as blessings, opportunities that have come from this virus.  One thing that is a blessing to me is that everything that I can control is internal. I can’t control external things.  I can only influence them.  So, for me, the first thing that I learned clearly is what I can control.

The second thing hammered home the power of questions because the questions I asked myself are what create my focus.  They create the meaning I give things. So if I want to have a better day, if I want to have more control over my day, I've got to ask myself better questions. That's my first thing, was being able to control,...

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