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Daily Dose Episode 29


Actions by Rick White, President 180BIZ

Up to this point, we've talked about how important your beliefs are and how your beliefs form the decisions you make based on the information you take in.  Now I want to talk about action. Nothing happens until you take action. Nothing goes on until you take action. Action is very important.  You should never leave the site of a decision without taking immediate action.  That's important. When you make a decision and then you take action right afterward you are starting momentum. Momentum is where it's really hard to get started, but if you stay with it until things start to roll a lot easier. The reason why we want to get that action right after the decision, number one is to start the momentum cycle. Number two, it reinforces the decision in your psychology. It gives you a small win. Remember we talked about how you need to set yourself up with small wins every day so that you get up.

Success is 80% psychology, 5% plan, 15%...

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