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Daily Dose Episode 28 (Faith Edition)


Easter by Rick White, President 180BIZ

For Christians, Today is probably the most important day in our calendar. I believe Christmas celebrates the promise.  It celebrates the gift. But I think on Easter, we celebrate the promise, the hope, the belief that Jesus died on the cross for our sins and for all the time that throughout the year that we could have been suffering through this virus. I think it is so appropriate to have it on Easter week and here's why. Then you can draw so many similarities between what the disciples, what the apostles went through and what we're going through. In other words, the Jewish people thought the Messiah was coming to liberate them.  The Messiah would bring them out of bondage from the Roman empire.

There was a lot of misunderstanding. So they kept thinking that Jesus was going to overthrow Caesar or at least get him out of Israel. And they were very confused. Now at Palm Sunday, last Sunday, when everybody was saying Hosanna, Hosanna,...

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