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Daily Dose Episode 27 (Family Edition)


Friends by Rick White, President 180BIZ

This is just unbelievable. Tomorrow is going to be four weeks of doing this. And I am committed to staying here and being with you every single day just to give you a little shot in the arm to help you guard your mind, your most precious object You must keep your guard up for what's going into your head. Whatever comes in through your eyes and your ears tends to come out through your mouth and our feet, through your words and actions.

So today is the family edition and I want to talk about friends. If we're social distancing as we should be, it's easy to feel isolated, but there are some things you can do to fix that. My wife and I have done some different things with our grandkids. We either use FaceTime or Duo, which is a Google app, on our phones.  I also use Skype sometimes with my grandkids so that I can see them and talk to them. We read stories and play games with them using an app called House Party. You can get a whole bunch of...

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