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Daily Dose Episode 26


Courage by Rick White, President 180BIZ

I want to talk to you about today is Courage. It takes courage every morning to get up out of bed when we're dealing with as much uncertainty as we've been dealing with. The reality is as business owners, we are pretty used to some level of uncertainty in our lives because we deal with it every day. But when we get something like this virus or the economy in 2008 or for those of us that were around in 2001 with the world trade centers on 9/11 that is more uncertainty than we're used to seeing. It takes courage to get out of bed. It takes courage to get moving. It takes courage to move forward.

I'm not going to be the first one to say this, but I want you to hear it. Courage is not action in the absence of fear.  Courage is action in the spite of fear. Every one of us has that little voice inside that could stop us from getting what we want because it’s there to protect and keep us safe. Now we all know that the comfort zone is...

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