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Daily Dose Episode 24


Are You Unemployed? by Rick White, President 180BIZ

Are you unemployed? That's the question for today. There are a lot of shop owners going around right now really stressed out and wishing they didn't have their business. They think it's too much pressure. So, I’ll ask you again. Are you feeling like you're unemployed? Are you treating your day, your job, your position, like you're unemployed?

Years ago, I worked at a gas station and it wasn't a pleasant experience.  I never knew what the owner was thinking, and I just didn't feel safe and secure there. That’s what drove me to become the captain of my own ship. I bought a business so I could be my own boss. You know something?  What really made a difference for me was that I was the captain. Do you know how many people right now aren't working? And it wasn't their choice not to work. It was somebody else who made that choice. And that's what I love about owning my own business. That's what I love about being an...

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