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Daily Dose Episode 18


Dealing with Overwhelm by Rick White, President 180BIZ

It's really important to understand what people are dealing with at different times.  It’s OVERWHELM. Overwhelm happens regularly, especially in stressful situations. And overwhelm is going to come in two different ways.

  1. You try to make something happen and it just won’t go right.  This causes you to get overwhelm.  Let's deal with this situation first. There's a lot of people right applying for the SBA loans. And the overwhelm comes when they can't get everything they need together. They need financial information from their accountant who is bombarded with requests.  They can’t complete the SBA Loan application until the accountant get’s back to them.  This is overwhelming. Here’s something that may help you to overcome that overwhelming feeling. 
  1. Recognize it. Stand up. Breathe. Put your shoulders back and chin up. Don your SUPERHERO pose. I've talked about that...
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