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Daily Dose Episode 10


Are You Consuming or Feeding? by Rick White, President 180BIZ

First, I’ll ask you “Today, are you consuming or are you feeding?” What are you putting into your mind? In high stress times like this, it’s extremely important to be intentional about what you feed yourself.  Why? Because when we get stressed out, we tend to shut down. We tend to fill the empty space with noise that stops us from thinking. For example, lots of people are binge watching Netflix right now. It's so bad that the European union had to ask Netflix to scale down the quality of the videos. They were sucking up all the bandwidth.

That's scary, in my opinion, because if you are continually consuming tv shows, binge watching, you are not being productive.  It's like going to McDonald's and eating Big Macs all day long. At some point this stuff is going to kill you. Even worse than Netflix is binge watching the news.  Zig Ziglar said he used to read the Bible every morning and...

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