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Daily Dose Episode 9


You Are Unstoppable! by Rick White, President 180BIZ

Every morning when you wake up there's going to be a little bit of that fear going on in your head. You might think, “What's it going to be like today?” There's some scary stuff going on these days. I was watching the news last night, with my wife Brenda, and it showed how it took four months for the first 100,000 people to get this virus.  Then it took 12 days to get to 200,000, which is doubling the number of people who contracted the virus. Twelve days, can you believe it? So, four months for the first 100,000, 12 days for the second 100,000 and then yesterday showed the that it only took 4 days for the next 100,000.  It went from 4 months, to 12 days, to 4 days. The numbers are going up crazy. So, it’s important to protect ourselves and those around us.

Because of this bad news it's easy for our primary morning question that we ask ourselves is, “What’s going to go wrong today?” or...

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