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Daily Dose Episode 4


You Are STRONGER than the CoronaVirus by Rick White, President 180BIZ

I've talked to you previously about the three questions we ask ourselves. We talked about the first question, “What am I going to focus on?” Now, understand there's three preferences within that question. I’ll review it quickly.

  • Am I focused on what I have or am I focused on what I don't have?
  • Am I focused on what I can control or focused on what I can't control?
  • Am I focused on the past, present, or future or what combination?

And I'm telling you that when I finally understood those preferences, it changed my life. Here's what you want to do. The trifecta is:

  • Focus on what you have. Be grateful and feel abundant.Gratitude stands for great attitude.
  • Focus on what you can control. There's a whole bunch of stuff we can't do anything about. What you want to do is think about something that you can work on that will make you better.
  • Focus on the future from the perspective of where you're heading,...
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