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Your Identity

Where does your identity, your sense of self, come from? If you’re like most, your identity isn’t something you work on; it’s something you accept based on what you’ve been through, what you do, the opinion of others, or that little voice inside you that’s always tearing you down. Think about that for just a moment if you would. How you feel about the most important person in your life is being formed and evolving without your active involvement. I’m divorced. I’m an entrepreneur. I’m a service advisor. I’m a salesperson. I’m inadequate. I’m a failure. And the list goes on. Accepting your identity has to stop if you’re going to live the life you’ve always wanted.

You’ve got to stop letting what’s happened to you become your identity. You have rough spots that you have to navigate through in your life as we all do. These are events in your life, and that’s all. Events that are there to refine you, not define you. Instead of I’m divorced say I was divorced. See the difference?

Stop letting what you do, feel, or are going through now determine how you see yourself. I’m a mechanic. I’m tired. I’m sick. This thinking is how you get stuck in life. It robs you of potential. If you don’t see yourself as capable and worthy of more, how will you ever achieve it? The fact is if you think small, you live small. Your life doesn’t get better until how you think and see yourself does. The secret is when you think big; you live big.

Don’t let what others think and say about you create your sense of self. Don’t let them shape what you believe you’re capable of becoming. The truth is these other people have their own trials and tribulations they’re going through, so you don’t know what’s influencing their thoughts and words. And besides, what they say about you is nothing more than THEIR opinion of you. So what if someone thinks you’re dumb or childish; that’s their issue, not yours. Your life truly is a book filled with blank pages, each representing one day, waiting to be filled. The best part is YOU, and you alone, are the author of this story; no one else. This means you can be the hero, the comedian, or anything else you want at any time you want.

Don’t let your inner voice tell you who you are. The most important conversation you’re going to have all day is with yourself. In fact, you have about 70,000 conversations with yourself each day. If you do nothing but listen to what your inner voice has to say, it won’t be long before you’re curled up in a corner sucking your thumb. Whenever your inner voice starts on you, don’t listen! Instead, you start telling your inner voice who you are, where you’re going, and what you’re capable of. When you do this, you’ll be amazed at just how good doing this feels.

Let your identity be formed by who you want to become, the best version of you. Know what you want to accomplish and the impact you want to make and see yourself as already achieving them. Don’t worry about how to get there. With the right thinking, your actions will change and guide you to seeing what you see in your mind become manifest in your life. The absolute truth that I’ve been communicating now in over 350 blogs is that you have such a deep pool of greatness in you, and it’s always been there. You’ve just got to see yourself as someone who can tap into it and show the world just how AMAZING you really are!

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