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Your Focus Determines Their Success

Over this past weekend, I found out a very nice couple Brenda and I know was splitting up after seven years of marriage. Having been through this event a couple of times in my own life, I’d like to share with you some knowledge I’ve gained over the years and show you how it directly relates to your business and ultimately any long term employee success you hope to have.

Whether it be the great love of your life or your newest employee, your focus in the beginning of your relationship with them is on all the good things that person brings to your life. They can do no wrong and you love that. Then as time goes on, you start to notice things they do that you didn’t see before. Things that frustrate and aggravate you. Holy Cow! They have shortcomings you weren’t aware of previously.

The truth is there’s no such thing as the perfect mate or employee; someone who one hundred percent completes you or your business. I believe the best you can hope for is someone that fulfills eighty percent of what you’re looking for. When your relationship first started, you were so focused on the eighty percent, you didn’t see the twenty. So, what do you do? You start to focus on the twenty percent you aren’t getting from this person until you finally can’t stand it anymore and must have someone else that can give you that missing twenty percent.

The issue with this is the next great love of your life or the new employee that brings that missing twenty percent to the table may only bring a total of fifty percent of what you need. That’s a net loss of thirty percent! This is what causes the regret you’ve felt after you’ve been through a couple of relationships, personal or employee, and realized what a mistake you’ve made letting someone go. All because you stopped seeing the good this person brought and started focusing on what you were missing. The good news is you can fix this with a few simple steps.

  • Be clear on what you really must have in your life or business. Forgive me for being crude, but it’s like shopping for business software. There isn’t a product on the market that will have every bell and whistle you’re looking for. So you have to sit down and decide on what you must have, want to have, and would like to have. It’s the same with people and relationships too. Build your must, want, and like list before starting your search and you’ll find yourself looking at the world with a new focus.
  • Commit to growth on both your parts. When you accept someone for who they are and what they bring to the table and understand that for any relationship to thrive there must be grown on both sides. Where you both want to be better than you were coming into it because being with the other person makes you want to be better.
  • Concentrate on the eighty percent. Keep your focus on what the other person does bring to the table. If you were really clear on what you needed, this person is going to be an amazing addition. Recognize them for their contribution so they feel valued and cared for. Thank them for what they do often throughout the day and watch the magic happen when you do this every day.

When you follow these three steps, you’ll find yourself surrounded by incredible people that will help you show the world just how AMAZING you are!

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