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Where Did Your Inner Rock Star Go?

Remember when you were younger and thought you could do anything you wanted? You know what I’m talking about, where you were a rock star and the world was your stage. You loved life and were going to do great things regardless of what others told you because you knew you were infallible and invincible. Over time though something’s changed.

When did your thrill of adventure get replaced with your fear of losing what you have?

When did your love of everything new and exciting get replaced with comfort and routine?

Instead of being the rockstar you saw yourself as taking the world by storm, you’re now singing at weddings and bar mitzvahs. What happened? Life did. You allowed the defeats, obstacles, and challenges you ran into to limit what you believed you’re capable of. Now instead of waking up excited and ready to seize the day and make it yours, you get up and do what you did yesterday hoping that everything will stay the same just one more day. There’s no passion, no fun, and no joy.

When you started your business, it was going to be the best around, you were going to put all your competitors out of business. Now, gone is all that energy and enthusiasm you once had, and now you’re just happy the phone’s ringing and everyone showed up for work. You remember when you were going to be an amazing salesperson, or technician, or whatever, and everyone would want to do business with you; where are you now?

Your brazenness isn’t ever supposed to go away, you’re supposed to get smarter at using it. You have to remember that the life you want for yourself and your family is created in your mind first and then with the appropriate actions created in the world. When you were younger you understood that but over time read the signs on the path wrong. Your defeats weren’t meant to limit you, you were meant to use them to learn lessons allowing you to grow and refine the brazenness that is uniquely yours to make the world a better place.

Start each day realizing that greatness in any endeavor is never achieved by living small, live each day being the rockstar you’re meant to be, and end each day showing the world just how AMAZING you are!

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