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Three Ways to Spend Your Future for Auto Repair Shop Owners


The Future by Rick White, President 180BIZ

What I want to talk about today is your future. Basically, you're doing one of three things with your future. When you look at your life, from your relationships, your business, and your personal life, I guarantee you are doing one of these three things. I know I am. Number one, you're WAITING for it to happen. In other words, some outside circumstance, situation, event, et cetera, has to happen for you to be happy. Finish this sentence, I'll be happy when… And what you're doing is putting your life on hold until something happens.

I'll be honest with you. As I put these things together this morning I realized that I was doing it in one area of my life. I've been having some back issues and putting my life on hold. I didn’t realize it until Brenda and I were talking about it this morning. So where are you putting your life on hold,? Where you're putting your future on hold? Where are you waiting for something to happen so that you can have the future that you want?

The second thing we do is DREAM. We sit there and we have these dreams. We talk about them. But then we stop. We don't go any further. And I think, honestly, that's almost more frustrating than putting your life on hold. Because over time you keep dreaming these dreams. There is such a thing as The Secret. The law of attraction. I believe where focus goes energy flows. That is the complete and honest truth in my world. However, I am not going to lose weight sitting on the sofa eating potato chips. Yes, I can dream about things. Yes, I can visualize them and manifest them and all that stuff. But until you get up and start working, nothing is going to change. So where in your life are you dreaming of something better? You may want it but until you start doing something to get it, nothing happens.

And the third thing is actually DOING it. It’s actively setting a destination and then making those small necessary steps every day to move toward it.  There’s a four-step process to bringing your dreams to reality. (A) The first step is to DREAM. You must have a dream. Dreaming is essential to seeing a better future. That's the first thing.

(B) The second step is to PLAN. You must create a plan. How do you do that? Identify your destination and then figure out where are you now so you can see the gap. That will help you achieve things. It's the tactics and the systems that you put into place that will achieve the goal for you. Your goal is not the end-all, be-all. The goal is just the beginning. The goal is figuring out where you want to go. Now you need to decide what you must do or who you must become to achieve that goal? How do I step up to get there?

(C) The third step is to ACT. You must take action. And it will be hard. Sometimes it will be boring. Sometimes it will get monotonous. But keep your eye on your destination. Remember why you're doing it. Your why is your rocket fuel. Your "why" is what will get you from where you are now to where you want to go.

(D) And then the last step is to REVIEW. I see so many people that have the dream. They make the plan, and then they just keep doing the same thing over and over again. Even though it's not working. That's a problem because if you don't review, you can't adjust. You can't modify. You can't learn. It's not about the doing it's about the reviewing and making sure that you are moving forward.

In what area of your life are you waiting for something to happen? In what area of your life are you stuck in dream mode? Usually what keeps you stuck in dream mode is that little voice inside that says you'll never get it. I can't. You're not strong enough. You're not good enough. You're not smart enough to do it. Don't listen to that voice. Recognize that it’s your eight-year-old self tucked inside you who is afraid of being a failure, afraid of being called out, afraid of being laughed at. Don't let that happen to you.  Dream, plan, act, review. It's really that simple. But it's not always easy.

Take care. God bless, stay safe and go make some money.

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