This Day is Your Day

blog mindset Apr 02, 2018

When you open your eyes in the morning, what do you see? Are you like most and see just another morning if you even see it at all? Or do you realize what a gift you’ve been given, twenty-four hours filled with love, adventure, fun, and overflowing with opportunities?

This is possibly the most important question you can ask yourself each and every morning because it’s right here when you open your eyes that you set the limit to the possibilities in your day. What you do first thing in the morning sets the tone and energy level for the rest of your day.

Don’t take today for granted because your life is nothing more than a collection of days. Want a GREAT life? Live GREAT days! Great lives aren’t created in the future, they’re created each and every day. Promise yourself that today you’ll live with intention and not coast through the day on autopilot missing all the amazing gems this day is going to be filled with. If you catch yourself mindlessly going through your day, lovingly bring yourself back to living right now, enjoying right now, and being fully present right now. The past is behind you and can’t hurt you anymore, the future is ahead of you and may never come. But right now is real, today is real. Live now. Enjoy now.

Do something you’ve been putting off doing, call someone you’ve been meaning to call, help someone that you see needs help, and most of all just take time to be you. There has never been and never will be another you. Cut through the hustle, bustle, and noise, and realize just how AMAZING you are! Set high expectations for today; you’ll be glad you did.