The Power of Perspective

blog mindset Jan 15, 2018

Your life is the way it is because of one very simple thing. The meaning you give to what happens to you determines the quality of your life. If you want a better life, you need to see these events from a different perspective.

The greatest lesson I ever received on perspective was from my grandson Brandon when he was four years old. One day he and I were playing in his room, sitting on the floor and racing his little cars on this rug that had roads in its’ design. When all of a sudden he laid down on the floor and continued to roll his car around the rug. 

“Brandon, are you tired?”, I asked. 

“No, Papa.”, he answered.

“Then why are you laying down?”, I inquired.

“Because it’s different.”, was his reply.

So, I tried laying down too and the whole landscape changed. Instead of looking down at the rug and cars, now I was looking at the side of the car and the rug. The change in perspective was incredible! Even I was smart enough back then to realize this was a HUGE lesson that had implications way beyond Hot Wheels on a rug.

Since then, I’ve tried to see everything that happens to me from different perspectives. The truth that I’ve come to realize is there are no good or bad events in life; they’re just events. It’s the meaning that I give these events that makes them bad or good. What this realization has helped me give new meanings to things that have happened to me. Things that have defined how I see the world and what I believe is possible. Instead of being held back by the old meanings I’ve given events in my life, I’ve redefined their meaning to show me what’s possible.

Use the power of perspective to rewrite the story of your life and you’ll show the world just how AMAZING you are!