blog mindset Apr 23, 2018

For most people, life has its ups and downs based on the circumstances they’re going through. The quality of life they have is based on what’s happening to them. When they’re going through a low point, they’re blaming others or their circumstances for their current situation. They sit there waiting for their circumstances to improve so they’re life can get better. They’re playing the victim. They’re the passenger in this vehicle called life and circumstance is the driver. Don’t be like most people. Realize that your life can be better than this with one simple mindset change. All you have to do is to accept complete and total responsibility for where you’re at.

You know that where you are now is the result of decisions you’ve made in the past. Taking responsibility isn’t about placing blame because the act of blaming is an exercise in futility. Taking responsibility is all about owning where you’re at which then gives YOU the power to change your situation by simply learning from your past and making different decisions today. Who and where you are today cannot define who you’ll be tomorrow unless you let it. Different decisions will lead to better results.

Let go of the excuses that pop into your head so easily when something goes wrong or you’re disappointed. Never blame anything or anyone again for where you are or the results you get. Know this isn’t a battle you’ll fight one time and be done; it’s going to be a lifelong struggle. Setting and achieving goals are impossible without taking 100% responsibility for where you are right now. Once you realize that you're the cause, you'll also realize you're the cure. This is the first step in showing everyone around you just how AMAZING you are!